Enjoy Reliability and Freedom with Easy Rider Transport

  • Prompt door to door & through door service
  • Courteous, Clean, Timely, and Safe Transportation
  • Personalized service with an upbeat attitude
  • Most dependable, affordable & compassionate transportation
  • All mini & micro vans are easy to enter and exit
  • All vans are equipped with airbags
  • Fully Licensed and insured vehicles

Easy Rider Transport takes you where you want to go. When we drop you off at any location, our driver will give you our card so customer service, the nurse or a friend can call us when you are ready to go home or on to your next destination

Our Service caters to customers who need transportation to Doctors appointments, Shopping, Out Patient Procedures, Physical Therapy, Prescription Pick-Ups, Errands, Banks, Supermarkets, Salons, Airports but, do not require wheelchair accessible* vehicles.  Easy Rider is a courteous, clean, affordable service with highly trained, certified drivers ready to take care of your seniors’ transportation needs.

Our Drivers take the time to walk our customers to the door, open an umbrella, hold a door, carry a bag, share a smile, make sure customers are comfortable (i.e. decide if the air is too cold) and never allow smoking in our vehicles.  Our drivers are focused on making sure that all our customers get into and out of our vehicles safely and without incident.  All of our drivers are CPR certified and have passed the FBI’s Level 2 Background check. Our drivers are seasoned professionals who make it their mission to keep passengers safe, comfortable and happy.  We don’t just drive a mile – we go the extra mile to make sure that the Easy Rider experience is truly exceptional.

Our Vans are selected and equipped based on the needs of our typical customer.  Our vehicles feature a lower stance entry point, allowing our customers to comfortably enter our vehicles with ease and safety.  Identifiable yet tasteful, our vehicles are professionally maintained by a leading automotive chain insuring that our customers are safe and that our vans are ready to provide prompt, on-time service.

Our Timeliness is paramount when taking customers to and from your facility.  We strategically schedule pickups to assure timeliness so we do not worry or stress your staff or residents.  Our vans stay in close proximity so once your staff calls for the return pick up we can quickly, efficiently and safely get back to you or your client.

Our Safety standards and practices are of paramount importance to us and our customers. Strategically scheduling rides permits our drivers the time to safely navigate their territory without having to rush which translates into safe, reliable transportation for our customers.  While entering or exiting vans our drivers shadow the customer to help avoid slips and falls.  Drivers remain diligent in making sure customers are properly fastened before moving the van. As an additional layer of safety, our drivers take the time to walk customers to and from the van.

Our Pricing is provided on a flat rate basis and calculated in advance. Unlike taxis, we do not utilize meters in our vehicles. Our rates are generated by utilizing standard computer maps for distance calculations which guarantees that transportation costs will be flat, fair and consistent. Easy Rider never charges clients for waiting at traffic lights or sitting in traffic.  Payment can be made with cash, credit card, or contracted clients can setup an account.

 *Wheelchair users must be able to transfer to and from their wheelchair under their own power. Drivers are not permitted to lift or shift customers.